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21, Balança, Египет, Александрия
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Detalhes Importantes de Nafretiti
Sexo Feminino
Preferência Sexual Hetero
Idade 21
Altura 160 cm - 170 cm
Peso 55 - 60 kg (120 - 140 lbs)
Cabelo Ruivas
Olhos Castanhos
Etnia Branco/Caucasiano
Línguas Inglês
Naturalidade Александрия
Pelos púbicos Aparada
Busto Médio
Bunda Médio
O que excita-me
When it comes to cam websites, many people are looking for partners who can help fulfill their fantasies. For me, that partner is an experienced man. There`s just something so attractive about a man who knows exactly what he`s doing and isn`t afraid to show it off. One of the biggest turn-ons for
Sobre mim
Greetings to all on the page of Iva, my little biography. My name is Iva and I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Egypt. tarting from the school bench, I loved to dance and move to the rhythm of the music. Today I can proudly say that I am a professional go-go dancer. My energy and ease of movement leave an unforgettable impression on people who see my performances.
Apart from dancing, I am also very fond of yoga. Yoga is not just a sport, it's a way of life. Yoga practices help me keep my body in shape and my mind in harmony.My passion for dance and yoga led me to a webcam site. I believe that beauty should be not only external, but also internal, and our emotions and feelings should also find their place in the world. I am ready to share my talent and skill with those who are ready to immerse themselves in the world of dance and yoga with me. Welcome!
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My dance for my followers My dance for my followers 1:06
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audi rs7
audi rs7
this is the best car i have ever seen
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